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911 Dryout Specializes in Mold Removal Services in Plant City, Lakeland, Brandon, Tampa and Surrounding Areas

mold removalThere is damage that is easily visible to a structure following a windstorm, flooding, or a fire — Then there is mold.

Mold’s sole purpose is to breakdown materials that are not alive. It is classified as a fungus and will eat what ever it is on, including drywall. Mold will grow in places where there is moisture, lack of sun, and humidity. It grows outside and inside and it will only take 24 to 48 hours to grow. For these reasons mold removal services are important for your home and your health. 

As long as there is dampness, mold will grow anywhere. The dampness could have been caused by storm damage, flooding or even as the result of water used to extinguish a fire. It is a silent, and sometimes a deadly problem that should not be taken lightly.

Out of hundreds of thousands of species of mold, about 16 are known to be toxic. This is where a professional can be invaluable. If your home has been through damage from storms, flooding, or fire, make sure you have a mold specialist come in for an inspection. Mold can be a quiet cause of illness in your home. It may be hiding under floorboards, in walls, behind faucets, even in your shower. It may be causing further physical damage to your structure, while making your family sick.

While mold can grow quickly, it can remain undetected for an extensive period of time. Contact 911 Dryout,  a mold removal specialist, who can help identify any mold in your home, and efficiently and effectively have it removed. Mold removal is a specialized process, and not all contractors are qualified. It is important you seek out a professional in mold removal to safeguard your home, contact us today!